Ask any truck expert, and they'll all tell you the same thing: Ford trucks are some of the best around. Ford has over a century's worth of experience under their belt, and they've gotten very good at their craft. The Ford F-150 in particular is a downright classic, and we at Champion Ford consider it to be an American icon. After all, it has been the best-selling truck in the country for over 40 years in a row! While the Ford F-150 is certainly the most popular, it's far from the only truck in the Ford lineup.

The newest addition to the Ford truck lineup is the Ford Ranger. It's also the smallest; the Ford Ranger is the Ford midsize truck. It has less power than the bigger Ford trucks (although it's still stronger than many of its competitors), instead focusing on delivering increased maneuverability and fuel efficiency. On the other end of the spectrum are powerful behemoths like the Ford F-250 and Ford F-350, which can haul practically anything.

Reading about Ford trucks is certainly fun, but if you really want to get a feel for them, you should get a little firsthand experience. Interested? Check out our directions page, where we'll help you find the fastest way of getting here in Erie, PA. Once you're here, we'll help you set up a test drive, as well as answer all of your Ford truck questions.

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