When it comes to pickup trucks, Ford is undeniably among the top in the game. With amazing power and capability, Ford trucks have been a fan-favorite in the Erie community.

When you look through our inventory of Ford trucks, you’re bound to notice plenty of different options. Two of the top Ford truck options to consider are the Ford F-150 and the Ford F-250. But how can you know which one will suit your needs the best? Continue reading this blog to learn more about these trucks and to determine which one would be the best fit for your Erie lifestyle.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is a remarkable pickup truck. North East drivers will love the power that comes underneath the hood of the 2021 Ford F-150. With an incredible towing and payload capacity, the Ford F-150 is a great choice for towing recreational equipment – such as boats and RVs – as well as completing certain jobs on the worksite.


If you want booming power sitting in your driveway, consider getting the 2021 Ford F-150. The new Ford F-150 for sale in Erie has a total of six available engines, ranging from smooth, satisfying power to earth-shattering ferocity.

Drivers who opt for the standard model will take home the 3.3-liter Ti-VCT V6 FFV engine, which can output 290 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. At the other end of the spectrum, you can take home pulse-pounding performance in the form of the 3.5-liter PowerBoost Full Hybrid V6 engine, which can output 430 horsepower and 570 pound-feet of torque.


There’s probably another question that’s on your mind: how much can it pull? When you bring a Ford F-150 back to your Fairview home, you can rely on it to haul and tow all sorts of things. Even though the 2021 Ford F-150 is a reliably tough vehicle, you should always exercise caution. Before you set up your Ford F-150 to tow or haul around Erie, be sure to check your manual and how much your cargo weighs before setting off.

Depending on your choice of engine, you can get best-in-class towing and payload capacity ratings. Unlock your true potential with the new available class-exclusive 3.5-liter PowerBoost Full Hybrid V6 engine, which can tow up to 12,700 pounds and haul a payload of up to 2,120 pounds. If you want a best-in-class towing capacity of 14,000 pounds, be sure to choose the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine.

Ford F-250

For a lot of drivers, the Ford F-150 will be strong enough to take on all of their particular jobs, whether it be for work or recreation. However, we know that many Erie drivers need something that’s able to tow and haul even more than the Ford F-150. That’s where the Ford F-250 comes in. Read below to see how the Ford F-250 stacks up against the Ford F-150.


The Ford F-250, part of the Ford Super Duty Series, has a bunch of available engines. The standard engine is the 6.2-liter SOHC two-valve Flex Fuel V8, which can output up to 385 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. Waterford drivers who want even more power should take advantage of the 7.3-liter 2V DEVCT NA PFI V8 engine, which can deliver drivers a powerful 430 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque.


With the Ford F-250, you can expect even better towing and hauling numbers than the already impressive Ford F-150. Get inside the Ford F-250 to experience a maximum payload rating of 4,260 pounds. When you’re ready to pull cargo behind you, the Ford F-250 can have a maximum conventional towing capacity of up to 18,200 pounds.

The Verdict

Both of these trucks are fantastic for your Erie jobs. Which one you should get depends heavily on your needs as a driver. Think about the things that you need to tow and haul regularly. After that, determine which truck and available engine would be best suited to take on your specific cargo.

If you have any questions about these trucks, feel free to contact us. Please browse our new inventory to see which of these vehicles we currently have in stock.

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