Ford Senior Master Technician
at Champion Ford in Erie, PA

Champion Ford Senior Master Technician
Phil Musil

Champion Ford is proud to recognize Phil Musil on achieving 10 Consecutive years as a Senior Master Technician.

The Senior Master Technician designation is reserved for technicians who have gone to the greatest lengths of the Ford Training Curriculum.

Since it's inception in 1999, only a small percentage of Technicians have achieved this level of accomplishment. To achieve Ford Master Technician status, one must complete 550 hours of schooling, pass multiple certification exams and be a Ford Technician for at least 5 years.

Phil has maintained this level of commitment for 10 years and has been with Champion for over 18 years. Due to the extensive process, the number of Ford Senior Master Technicians in the area is limited. Phil is in an esteemed league which benefits the entire Champion Ford Service Team as well as their customers. Champion acknowledges Phil along with Jeff Strumillia, Ivan Prisyazhnyuk and Eric Hammill all long time Senior Master Technicians, all leaders in their field.

Phil was presented with his official certification letter, 10 Year Senior Master Technician plaque during the monthly Service meeting to commemorate his achievement.

As vehicle technology progresses, it requires increased levels of knowledge and skill for technicians to effectively complete advanced diagnostic and repair operations. The accomplishments we celebrate today demonstrate Champion Fords support and commitment to highly trained personnel.

10 Year Senior Master Technician

Phil Musil

10 Year Senior Master Technician