PA Costars
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Meet Our Fleet Team

Scott Arrowsmith

Commercial & Business-To-Business Manager

Brian Roesch

Sales & Commercial Sales Specialist

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's cooperative purchasing program and serves as a conduit through which registered and eligible Pennsylvania local public procurement units (LPPUs) and Pennsylvania state-affiliated entities (together "Members") are able to leverage contracts established by DGS to cost-effectively and efficiently identify suppliers with whom to do business. The goals of this program are:

  • To encourage, expand, and facilitate the opportunities for Members to achieve procurement savings and the best value through an interactive partnership with the Commonwealth
  • To provide increased opportunities for Suppliers of any size to participate and compete for Members' business
  • To provide contracts with competitive pricing

CoStars Programs

CoStars 13: Emergency Responder Vehicles

CoStars 25: Municipal Work Vehicles

CoStars 26: Passenger Vehicles